Lake Dorong
  • Republic of Buryatia, Muysky District


It lies in the southwestern part of the South Muya Range. The mountain watershed lake hid its dark waters in a narrow, deep crevice. Sandwiched by steep cliffs from the southwest and northeast, it is wide open from the north and south ends for all winds constantly sweeping here. This rocky corridor stretches almost 11 km. The width of the lake - about 1 km - remains unchanged throughout its length. Dorong is located at the level of 1110 m, the water temperature 8 - 10 degrees. Maximum lake depth 55 m.

The lake is of typically glacial origin, with a moraine ridge from the southern end. Several rivers flow into the lake, originating from the snowfields on the slopes of the surrounding ridges. Most of them dry up in the middle of summer. Dorong is connected to the Upper Tsipa basin by the Tocha River, originating from the southern end of the lake. Here is a clean, bright yellow sandy beach, in sharp contrast with the surrounding gloomy mountains.

Tours and excursions

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