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Suburgan on Baraghansky arshan
Suburgan on Baraghansky arshan
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Pilgrimage tour "In the holy places of the Barguzin Valley"
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Pilgrimage tour "In the holy places of the Barguzin Valley"
A small historical excursion. Kurumkan is considered the northern stronghold of Buddhism. Buddhism came here at the beginning of the XIX century. The first Buddhist chapel was founded in the town of Borogol (Barguzinsky district) in 1818 year. In 1861 year Barguzinsky datsan was moved to the area Sagan-nur. In 1916, the datsan was transferred directly to the foot of the Barkhan Mountain.

At the turn of the 19-20 of centuries, the Sodai Lama (in the world of Tsyden Sodoev) was elected the Barguzin datsan. He is considered the reincarnation (earthly incarnation) of the great Buddhist philosopher, ascetic Nagarjuna, who lived in India in the second century of our era. Residents of the Barguzin Valley respectfully called him Under Lamkhai - "High Teacher".
In the 90-s of the last century, on the initiative of the public begins the revival of Buddhist traditions and the restoration of the temple. The current datsan is near the village Kurumkan. The whole nature of the valley, the location of the mountains contributes to the achievement of the inner harmony of people who have chosen the difficult path of spiritual perfection. Kurumkan received the name of small Tibet ...

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671640, Republic of Buryatia, Kurumkansky district, p. Kurumkan, Baldakova, 13.
Phones: 8 (30149) 41414; fax 8 (30149) 41310



  • The tour program
    Day 1. Meeting at the administrative border of the Barguzinsky district. Moving to the village of Maksimikha. Walk along the shore of Lake Baikal. Transfer to Barguzin, accommodation in guest houses. Dinner.
    Day 2. Breakfast. Barguzin-Dushelan-Ina-Borogol (the location of the first in the Barguzin valley of the Ulan-Burgalsky datsan, founded in 1818 year) -Stupa Soda-locality Aral Elysun (Lama). Picnic lunch. Sagan-nur (the Barguzinsky datsan was moved here, founded in 1861 year) -Stapa in Bayan-Tolgoi-Argada (Argadinsky Doolan). Dinner. Overnight in guest houses.
    Day 3. Breakfast. Stupa in Ugnasay-Kurumkansky datsan-Baraghansky arshan (location of the Barguzinsky datsan, transferred in 1916 year) -Baraghanskaya stupa-Goddess Yanjima (Yarikto area). Dinner. Departure to Ulan-Ude.

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